Stagger Lee

Tucked into the historic heart and serene soul of Rainey Street, amidst the gardens and bungalows of Southeast Downtown sits Austin’s home of hospitality, a blissful oasis blending the memories of yesteryear and the sensations of today, The Stagger Lee.

Local crafts and global favorites live and breathe throughout the casks, kegs, and bottles of the bar, along with an adventurous array of cocktails, infusing our friends with smiles and cheer each day and night. While we fill your spirit with joy, please appease your belly with barbecue, delicately smoked and served deliciously by Metcalf's Stagger Lee on-site.

So come on in! There are plenty of seats inside on both of our resplendent floors, and outside on our spacious patios. Take a break, have a beer, eat some brisket. Swing in for an early or late night cocktail, before or after dancing. Your hour or hours after work are always going to be happy when you spend them with us!

Inspired by the classic Lloyd Price song “Stagger Lee” (covered by such luminary musicians as Woody Guthrie, Taj Mahal, The Grateful Dead, Duke Elllington, Cab Calloway, James Brown, The Clash and Bob Dylan), our little haven of happiness is the perfect spot for your quick drink, slow brew, your night out, or your friendly party. We want your bright eyes and warm smiles, for which we will fill your body and spirit with wonders aplenty!

Our Team

evan profile.JPG

Evan Chew | HBIC

OKC transplant, dog dad, whiskey lover, sex symbol. Evan is passionate about art, design, culture, travel, cocktails, country music, and anything with glitter. Evan loves to sing and dance behind the bar and has been told he has a really strong handshake. Come through and challenge him to a thumb war!

mike bio pic.JPEG

Mike Reese | "That guy that looks like Trey"

Michael was born in South Texas on the coast. He owns many leather bound books and his home smells of rich mahogany. A long time service industry professional, he loves throwing ice into the deep fryer and putting salt and lime on Guinness (1 truth, 1 falsehood). Always down to get up, or up to get down. Outside of work you can likely find him sitting outside staring at the sun, or practicing air guitar in a random parking lot. Ask him his favorite joke!

Personal Motto: "if you can dream it, you can funk it'