Stagger Lee

Tucked into the historic heart and serene soul of Rainey Street sits Austin’s home of hospitality, The Stagger Lee.

Inspired by the classic Lloyd Price song “Stagger Lee” (covered by such luminary musicians as Woody Guthrie, Taj Mahal, The Grateful Dead, Duke Elllington, Cab Calloway, James Brown, The Clash and Bob Dylan), our little haven of happiness is the perfect spot for your quick drink, slow brew, your night out or your company party.

Our Team

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Hi! I'm Alex, born and raised in Texas! Bombs, Brunch Barbie. I've been bouncing around the service industry for over 10 years! You may recgonize my face from working at Metcalf BBQ!

I love puppies, sunsets, beaches, tequila, whiskey and food. Stagger Lee is a great spot to come cool off or warm up, depending on the season! Come see me for a couple of drinks and great food!

Much love & Keep Austin Weird!


Vaeda has been bouncing around the Austin service industry for 7 years and found her new home at Stagger Lee in August of 2022. She loves meeting new people and giving fun recommendations to new comers as she’s lived in Austin for 17 years.

When she’s not behind the bar shaking up margs you can catch her at home reading, jammin’ out at metal shows all over the city & making lotion ‘n potions for her friends and family.


Julia has been in Austin’s industry for the last 5 years and has been slangin’ at Stagger since Oct. 2020. She grew up out in the Dallas area but loves the home she's made in ATX.

When she's not at the bar servin' you up with some sass…. she spends a whole lot of time at home with her two dogs, in my lil’ art studio, and cooking for her people. "Long walks on the beach really aren’t my thing… so stop asking. If you’re on Rainey Street. pop in and let's talk whiskey!"